CISCO Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy program offers an opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in design, development and maintenance of computer networks. The courses graduates are prepared to obtain the professional certificate of Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA). The knowledge gained and supported by the certificate opens the door to success in the modern environment of Internet economy. It creates a chance of obtaining a satisfying job and forms a solid basis for future professional career.

The educational program of Cisco Networking Academy includes 4 semesters. The program participants should acquire skills necessary to design, build and operate small and medium-sized computer networks. Learning the program content gives the grounds for passing the certification examination for the Cisco first professional degree (Cisco Certified Networking Associate). Moreover, graduates of Cisco Academy acquire knowledge necessary for continuation of studies in fields related to complex computer networks.

In 1997 Cisco introduced the Cisco Networking Academy (CNA) program. This program is developing dynamically worldwide. At present over 400 000 students and pupils from over 140 countries gain knowledge of computer networks. They have a real chance of learning skills that will enable them to find their place in the employment market. On the other hand employers are given an opportunity of acquiring deficit specialists, which will help them in greater expansion and development towards modern methods of running business operation.

The educational program of Cisco Networking Academy reflects current trends in education methodology. Apart from traditional lectures and classes the courses include numerous laboratory classes that give a chance of solving real problems and provide a whole set of Internet-multimedia resources and tools for self-education. The Cisco Networking Academy program puts Internet education (e-learning) into practice. The central educational server CNAMS ( provides students with access to full set of didactic materials and tools to manage all the program’s aspects. Moreover, CNAMS makes it possible to test the knowledge acquired regularly, monitor students’ learning progress and maintain high quality education.

Scope of educational program at Cisco Academy:

  • network terminology and protocols
  • standards in computer networks
  • local area networks (LAN)
  • wide area networks (WAN)
  • OSI models
  • network cabling
  • network devices (such as routers, switches)
  • Internet
  • Internet protocol (ip)
  • network addressing

Special attention is given to issues of operation and maintenance of networks as well as installation of safe computer networks. Participants taking up this program should have the skill of using personal computers. Specialized knowledge of computer networks is not required.

Costs of training course participation

  • for students of the University of Computer Science and Skills and pupils of ABiS school – 500 PLN
  • Students and pupils of other schools – 650 PLN
  • Other participants – 800 PLN

Cisco CCNA training registration

To enrol on the training course each participant has to fill in an application form and make the payment required. The application form must be filed in room 118 in B building.


Courses begin when a number of applicants enrolled makes it possible to form a group. Then students are informed (by e-mail or phone) about a provisional date of the first classes at one week’s notice.

The course is conducted in the form of lectures, laboratory classes, consultations and so-called self-education. The course students are obliged to participate in lectures and laboratory classes. The other forms (consultations and self-education) are not compulsory.

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