Academic Clubs


A creative academic club Morpher was created as an initiative of students Graphics, who in their artistic design want to use the tools of digital image processing and film graphics and 3D animation. The syllabus contains activities oriented for the design and creation of special effects for films and advertising, designing the virtual scenery the film, development and design of the websites and any other form of computer games.

The first major event organized by the club was the First International Festival of Short Multimedia Forms Morpher , held on 14-15 October 2011.

Dr Marcin Dziomdziora is the academic supervisor of the Club.


Academic Photographic Club Migawka (ang. Shutter) was founded in 2011. Although it was founded in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design it is open to all students of our university. At the meetings of the club we realize the subjects broadening the issues of Photography. The classes provide an opportunity for individual development but also give students and opportunity to express and demonstrate their artistic pursuits. The topics include digital and analogue photography, but also draws from the areas of film and visual arts.

We created a Camera Obscura for 3d Photo (aggregate pinhole cameras).
A cycle time-lapse photos were created "Painted with light."
Film etudes were created.
Ongoing experiments using HDR.

Dr. hab. M. Herbik prof. of WSIU is the academic supervisor of the Club.


The club SCULPTURE was founded in 2011 on the basis of the initiative of the students of Interior Design. Its activity is directed at all students of WSIU. The main objective of the meetings is a basic issue of the penetration of sculpture conceived as a dialogue body and space with the intention of emancipation of space in the system. Students created a platform to demonstrate their artistic exploration but also the activities of the exhibition and social activities.
The first major initiative of the members of the club was an exhibition in the premises ZPAP "Gallery on the first floor" at ul. Piotrkowska 86 in October 2011.

Dr Piotr Krzyzanowski is the academic supervisor of the Club.

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