Foreign Languages Office

Foreign Languages Office at the University of Computer Sciences and Skills in Lodz conducts foreign language course included in the curriculum at different levels, from beginner through intermediate to advanced. Students can also deepen the knowledge of languages within the courses conducted in the afternoon.

SJO WSIU is an authorized partner of ETS (Educational Testing Service), the largest testing organization in the world, a leader in the development of objective and reliable language certificates and tools to support language learning.

The most modern teaching methods, textbooks and curricula are used to teach. In class teachers and students use traditional textbooks supported by modern multimedia solutions, e.g. Computer programs to teach and learn languages. SJO WSIU ensures a high level of teaching standards, intensively engaging its academic staff in a huge number of EU projects, e.g. ActivELP, ONAIR and the latest LETS GO. SJO WSIU has at its disposal a modernly equipped language laboratory (headphones / microphones / interactive whiteboard / projector) and a multimedia computer lab.

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