Professional Development Office "BAZa"

Its main objective is to find job offers, training courses and post-graduate internships for students and graduates as well as to provide them with a chance of professional development.

The tasks are fulfilled in a close cooperation with:

  • Training course tutors, which allows for increasing efficiency of the courses and their systematic assessment
  • Students self-government – students are encouraged to become active and mobile
  • Organizations, associations, employers societies, offices and institutions of potential employers in order to obtain new vacancies and cooperate on providing students with professional preparation corresponding to the employment market requirements
  • Public and non-public institutions on the job market to find an ally in effective employment of graduates

It allows for applying various forms of collecting information on current employment market requirements, finding attractive job offers, organizing job interviews for candidates as well as participating in professional training courses and internships both in Poland and abroad.

It gives students an opportunity to develop their professional skills, gain new experience, establish business contacts and increases a chance of continuing their professional career.

The Professional Development Office may provide information on:

  • prospective courses of studies
  • personal development options
  • ways of finding employment
  • requirements imposed by employers

and assistance in:

  • preparing CV and a cover letter
  • preparing for a job interview
  • giving an opportunity for participation in training courses and workshops
  • obtaining information on options of developing professional qualifications
  • planning professional career

In the academic year 2009/2010 the subject “Selected Issues of Job Market” was introduced for the 2nd year students both at the University and its branches.

The topics of lectures and classes include and tackle the following:

  1. operation of employment market institutions and instruments
  2. employment market legislation
  3. selected issues of the Labour Code
  4. preparation of application documents for employers
  5. recruitment procedures and techniques
  6. job search methods
  7. self-presentation and public speaking


Realization of the programme:

  • It develops a change-oriented approach and necessity to continually upgrade professional skills of graduates.
  • It provides students with the knowledge of rules controlling the job market and institutions related to it.
  • It develops the ability to cope with difficult professional situations, which is an element necessary at each stage of a professional career.

Students may find information on the BAZa’s current activity on the website and notice boards placed on the premises of The University of Computer Science and Skills.

Owing to BAZa’s operation and application of new technologies to the University’s work we promote it by creating an image of a dynamic school which is developing and has a friendly attitude towards students and graduates. By its everyday cooperation with the didactic personnel and students the Professional Development Office builds up interpersonal contacts with the world of business, media and higher education schools.


Professional Development Office
The University of Computer Science and Skills
Rzgowska Street 17a
93-008 Łódź

room 203 B

phone: +48 42 27 50 146

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