I cycle programme (BA)
(6 semesters)

  • full-time mode (week)
  • extra-mural mode (weekends)

Graduates of the Physiotherapy course are prepared to develop and maintain human body’s endurance and performance in order to avoid disabilities and disorders. They are able to plan, carry out and control the rehabilitation process of the disabled patients in order to enable their full or at least partial physical and mental recovery. A qualified physiotherapist has physiotherapeutic, managerial, pedagogical and research competences oriented for maintaining full psychophysical state, readiness and willingness to come back to work and active participation in the social life.

Students may choose the following specialisations:

  • Neurorehabilitation and Occupational
  • Therapy
  • Physiotherapy in Geriatrics

Knowledge and skills graduates gain during the studies enable them to find work in the following institutions:

  • Public and private health institutions (e.g. hospitals, specialized community health centers, clinics, GP surgeries, health spas)
  • Palliative care centers, social care houses, hospices
  • Educational centers (in schools) and corrective gymnastics clinics and rehabilitation centers
  • Group therapy centres and pro-disabled institutions and establishments
  • High Schools and Medical Further Education Colleges
  • Public and private institutions which deal with disabled sports people
  • Centres which deal with pro-health attitudes (wellness centers and clinics, massage centers, manual therapy and even fitness centers.
  • Sports institutions – club rehabilitation centers and sports clinics and centers

Upon completion of our new investment our students will be able to use the Physiotherapy Centre where they would gain valuable experience in rehabilitating patients during their training programmes, internships and practical classes.

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