I cycle programme (BA)
(6 semesters)

  • full-time mode (week)
  • extra-mural mode (weekends)

Graduates of this course are familiar with the fundamentals of pedagogy, psychology, philosophy and sociology so much needed to understand all the processes related to education, learning, teaching, mentoring and diagnosis of educational processes.

Graduates are able to use their interdisciplinary knowledge to diagnose disabilities and disorders in the human development in order to communicate widely with the society and reflect effectively on their own career.

All the specialized qualifications are dependent on the chosen major and they focus on certain educational activities in the fields of education, disabilities and disorders, care and upbringing, and they prepare for work in health promoting institutions or various employing establishments, as well as justice, legal and administrative offices.

Students may choose the following specialisations:

  • Early-School Education with English Language
  • Pre-School and Early School Pedagogy
  • Social Work and Social Care Pedagogy
  • Care and Upbringing Pedagogy with Health
  • Promotion
  • Defense Education and Public Safety
Early-School Education with English Language

According to the recent regulations of the National Ministry of Education primary schools are obliged to introduce an English language to the curriculum of grades I-III. The best solution to meet the needs of the Ministry is to educate teachers not only within the core subjects oriented for pre-school and early-school education but also English. Thanks to this specialization graduates will not only become teachers of the early stages of primary schools but they will be able to teach English.

Pre-School and Early School Pedagogy

This specialization prepares graduates to work in kindergartens and primary schools at the I level of integrated education as teachers, and in the institutions and associations whose profiles are oriented for work with children in general. The course curricula combines various core subjects in the field of pedagogy and psychology and a group of specialized subjects such as kindergarten education, integrated education, language education, mathematics and science education, environment, music and arts education as well as physical and health education. All subjects are combined with the methodology of teaching and they are conducted outside of the Campus at schools and kindergartens.

Social Work and Social Care Pedagogy

Upon completion of this specialisation graduates are prepared to work in public institutions and nongovernmental organizations whose activity is oriented for supporting human development and life-long learning. Graduates are able to understand social problems, diagnose their origins and predict some development tendencies. They are also able to plan and conduct some actions in order to prevent and compensate certain situations within the framework of individual work with a client as well as with a group or local society.

Care and Upbringing Pedagogy with Health Promotion

This specialization prepares graduates for work where their main objective will be to provide care and protection and create sound attitudes and pro-health behaviours towards healthy people and towards those social life spheres where children, teenagers and older people’s independence is constantly or temporarily limited.

Defense Education and Public Safety

The topic of national defense and aspects strictly related to it, such as war and peace have always been present in the political, social and academic life. It is mainly due to the fact that safety and a secure well-being have always been crucial not only for individuals but countries, too. That is why, more and more students are interested in becoming professionals in this area.

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