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How do I start my university application?
Click the 'Apply Now' button on your chosen programme page. You will be directed to an application specifically designed for your programme where you will create your account with the University and submit your university application and supporting documents online.
Your university application is specifically designed for the programme you choose to
apply for and it is sensitive to the answers you provide as you proceed through the application. 
Once you have submitted your online university application you will be sent details of how to enter your applicant portal.
Your portal experience will allow you to send and receive communications to and from the University. You will be able to track the progress of your
university application at every stage of the admissions process; update your personal information, view decisions and accept any offers you may receive.
Read our general entry requirements:
Ÿ  Country specific requirements
Ÿ  Postgraduate English language requirements
Ÿ  Contact
 if you need any advice about a particular programme
Ÿ  Read and check the supporting documents you might need to upload as part of your university application with us
Why choose the UCSS ?
When you choose the University of Computer Science & Skills, you are choosing to study at an outstanding internationally focused university renowned for changing lives and transforming society. If that wasn't enough, here are 10 reasons why you should choose us. 
1. A globally recognised education
We are one of the Top Global IT Universities, country ranked 78 as per QS ranking 2020. Ranking of any university is extremely important to understand the value of the learning experience and the value of the degree certificate in the global market. The QS university ranking system evaluates universities based on the key metrics of: academic reputation,
research output, faculty-to-student ratio, and also the number of international students and faculty members.
2. Increasing your employability
As well as giving you an exceptional educational experience, you will also gain the skills and expertise that top employers are seeking in the current global market. The
UCSS is a global institution that commands a strong international reputation, because of this, many of our students embark on careers across the globe with multi-national employers and you will have access to our Expert Careers Advice Team and a wide range of services to help you take that next step towards employment. 
3. Student experience
We know that learning does not stop when you leave the lecture theatre. Studying at the UCSS Lodz will be an enriching experience that takes in all aspects of life – social and cultural as well as educational. This holistic Student Experience includes our dedicated Student Wellbeing Officer and Students
Association team who organise various fun social activities, competitions, cultural days and sports challenges.
4. Dynamic Lodz
Lodz is a young and exciting city, known for its diversity, friendliness and dynamic economy. We offers opportunities to experience different cultures like few
other cities on EU.
This globally connected University is rapidly becoming established as an truely international university with opportunity to pursue the highest quality study. 
5. Outstanding Scholarships Options
Our scholarship options are designed to reward the
academic excellence and these financial awards can be carried forward through the entire programme in foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We also give our EU and non EU students.

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