Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

All applicants must satisfy the following basic admission requirements:

• Completion of secondary education or an equivalent level with the required average no earlier than three years prior to joining the University. Applicants to the  University of Computer Science & Skills need to have finished their secondary education no more than one year previously.

• The applicant should not have been expelled from the UCSS or any other institution for academic or disciplinary reasons.

• The applicant should be medically, physically and mentally fit to be admitted to the university in accordance with the desired major.

• Applicants should indicate their order of preference for majors on the application form. 

• Applicants are accepted in different majors according to the student’s preference and her/his grade average and depending on the capacity of each college.

• Applicants should complete and submit the application form and required documents to the Admissions Department by the stated deadlines and pay the application Euro 250.nun- Refundable.

• Meeting the secondary education grade requirements as well as other admission requirements, and submitting the application, paying the application fees & receiving an ID number does not in any way mean that an applicant is admitted to the University. Students are required to pay a reservation fee after meeting specific criteria on a competitive basis, in accordance with University policy. Student reservation fees are nonrefundable if the student withdraws or does not enroll in the University, and are applied toward tuition fees if the student enrolls in his/her program. 

• Applicants to the UCSS pay one year fee for their applications to be considered as part of the admissions competitive process. This fee is refundable if the applicant is rejected or withdrew from the university.

• The applicant who are still in their seats will receive conditional admission until the final results are submitted, and fulfill the requirements based on competitive criteria.

• A student will not be issued an ID or allowed to register in courses unless the admission file is complete.

Academic Qualifications

Secondary Certificates From Foreign Countries And/Or Systems

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