If there is a vacant non-faculty position in your department that you wish to fill, then here are the steps that will be followed until a suitable candidate is found.


Please contact the respective HR Consultant either by scheduling a meeting or by sending an email (or both).


The HR Consultant will explain the process and ask you to fill out the Hiring Form and the Job Description Form.

Step 3:

The HR Consultant will review the Hiring Form and communicate with the Budget Office to make sure that there is enough funding for the position.

• Areas: Chancellor and COO

Aniela Badnaik | Office Extension: 2222

• Area: Provost| Office Extension


If there is enough funding, the HR Consultant will send the request to the Hiring Committee, which will either approve or decline the request based on institutional priorities. The HR Consultant will notify you if the request has been declined.      

STEP 5: 

If the Hiring Committee approves the position, the HR Consultant will send the documents to the Recruitment Team, who will prepare the recruitment strategy and the marketing material. They will contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss these details before advertising the position.  

Recruitment Team:

• Eman Aneta | Office Extension:



The Recruitment Team will advertise the position through different channels and will create virtual folders on Google Drive, which will contain applications. You will have access to these folders in order to review the applications and decide whom you want to shortlist.


You should send the names of the shortlisted candidates to the Recruitment Team, who will communicate with Visa and Equalization Services to apply for the Government Initial approval. Once we receive the initial government approval, the Recruitment Team will notify you so that you may schedule interviews.


After conducting the interviews and selecting the most suitable candidate, you should send the candidate’s details to the Recruitment Team, who will conduct the reference checks and will send you the results for your final decision.

STEP 9:  

If you decide to hire the selected candidate, you should notify the Recruitment Team. They will contact the candidate and offer him/her the position verbally. Upon his/her approval, the Recruitment Team will prepare the written offer and ask the candidate to sign it and send it back.  If you decide to shortlist other candidates, then you should start from step 7 again. If you wish to advertise the position through different channels or if you want to put the position on hold, please contact the respective HR Consultant.

STEP 10:

After the candidate signs the written offer, the Recruitment Team will communicate with him/her to agree on a tentative joining date and get your approval.


vacancy required
The Department of Management (Hotel)  UCSS invites applications for a faculty position urgently needed

View detailsAssistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor, Management (Hotel)

•  SaveAssistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor, Management
Fluently in English needed.

• Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Health Science
based on experience

Engage in teaching undergraduate preclinical and clinical  students.

View detailsAssistant/Associate/Full Professor, IT

•  SaveAssistant/Associate/Full Professor, IT
Fluently in English needed.

• Professor/Assistant/Associate, Chemistry
UCSS  invites applications for a position in the area of Analytical Chemistry.
View detailsProfessor/Assistant/Associate, Chemistry
Fluently in English needed.
Academic Jobs in UCSS
Office Admin Secretary
minimum 5 years experience in university or college admin system.
Fluently in English needed.

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