Can I defer my application? How?

Undergraduate and Graduate applicants who submitted an application or who got admitted can defer to the following semester, their submitted applications on apply.@winsf.edu.pl (go to My Account / My Applications / Choose your active application / Click View/ Scroll down to Deferral Request )

Applicants can defer an application within one academic year only.

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How I can change my major?

Undergraduate applicants who submitted an application can change their intended major by logging in to apply@winsf.edu.pl (go to My Account / My Applications / Choose your active application / Click View/ Scroll down to Program Change Request).

Once you are admitted by Office of Admissions, you will not be able to make changes to your application. In such case, applicants need to submit a new application choosing the new intended major. 

Applicants can submit a maximum of three applications in a semester.

What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct is a set of university rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook. It defines the standards of behavior expected from UCSS students, and the conduct procedures and sanctions that will apply in cases where student behavior is inconsistent with the essential values of the university. Violation of these rules is treated as misconduct.

Where and how can someone obtain information on UCSS?

In order to help applicants obtain precise answers with no queuing time, the Office of Enrollment Management uses the user-friendly Infodesk service, which ensures reliable,faster and easy-to-track communication with the prospective students and parents. To use the Infodesk service,visit https://infodesk.winsf.edu.pl and sign up.


Where is UCSS accredited and licensed?

UCSS is fully licensed and accredited by the ministry of education and Technology by legislation in the Poland. For more information, please visit UCSS Lodz Poland.

Is there any office or agency that officially represents UCSS overseas?

UCSS approaches the community directly. We are not represented by any office or agency outside the Poland. Our Office of Enrollment Management conducts several local, regional and international introductory campaigns to introduce the university to prospective students. We regularly participate in major local, regional and international education, cultural and social events, fairs, exhibitions and festivals.


Does UCSS offer afternoon classes, part-time or correspondence programs?

All our regular degree programs require regular attendance. And we also offer course by correspondence and distance  learning .

Undergraduate courses are offered on weekdays only from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, graduate courses are offered on weekdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., depending on the program.

Undergraduate candidates may apply for admission as part-time students. Undergraduate part-time students are not allowed to register for more than 12 credit hours per semester. 

How long does it take UCSS to issue student visas?

UCSS will assist accepted students in applying for a Poland student visa, if needed, as per the Polish government rules and regulations. Approval of visa requests rests solely with the Polish Immigration Authority.

Visa issuance may take between one to eight weeks. Therefore, if you are neither a EU citizen nor a resident of the Asia and Africa, you must submit your student visa application form as early as you can. Early submission of your visa application form allows UCSS time to process and follow-up on your visa application with the Immigration Authority.

Once the visa is issued, a scanned copy will be sent to the email address you provided on the Student Visa Request Form.

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Does UCSS provide residency visas for its students?

Yes, UCSS will assist accepted students in applying for a Poland student visa, if needed, as per Polish government rules and regulations. Approval of visa requests rests solely with the Poland Immigration Authority. For information on how to apply, visit www.winsf.edu.pl /international-students.

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What on-campus services does UCSS offer?

 UCSS provides its students with a variety of quality on-campus services. These include food outlets, coffee shops, a health clinic, a bookstore, a post office, a bank, mini-marts and a sports complex, among others. We also provide free on-campus transportation between the dorms and various university buildings. For information, visit www.winsf.edu.pl 

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Does UCSS accept transfer students?

Yes. UCSS encourages and welcomes applicants who meet the admissions requirements to transfer to UCSS. For information on the admissions requirements, visit www.winsf.edu.pl/application-types-and-requirements. 

What is the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required from a transfer applicant to be considered for admission?

The required minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) depends on the type of institution the applicant is transferring from. The applicant must be in good academic standing coming from a recognized and accredited institution and should meet the English language requirement.

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How long does it take to inform a transfer applicant about the number of credits to be awarded?

Usually it takes the appropriate academic department two to three weeks to inform applicants of the number of credits to be awarded. Therefore, transfer applicants are encouraged to apply at least one month before the beginning of the semester for which they want to join UCSS.

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Can UCSS students transfer to any other institution of higher education in the United States or another country?

UCSS students may transfer to any other institution of higher education in the world if they meet transfer conditions stipulated by the institution to which they wish to transfer. 

What is the maximum number of credit hours that may be transferred to UCSS ?

Applicants enrolled in other four-year universities, colleges or any institution of higher education must apply as transfer applicants (Student Type: Transfer).

Our university credit transfer system is European Unions Credit Transfer system .Please visit as follows;

Does UCSS offer financial grants or scholarships to undergraduate students?

Yes, we do we offer a number of grants and scholarships to help students with their education costs. The university has designated funds available for highly qualified undergraduate students with...Read more

Is UCSS affiliated with any other American university?

UCSS is an independent, comprehensive, non-profit, coeducational institution of higher education that fosters excellence in teaching, learning and research. Based on an European model of higher education and grounded in the culture of the European Union, UCSS fosters a community that embraces cultural diversity and whose members are committed to the ideals of open intellectual inquiry, ethical behavior and social and civic responsibility.

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What is the minimum high school average to apply?

To be eligible to apply to UCSS, a candidate must hold a recognized secondary school certificate with a minimum of 80 percent or more (or its equivalent) in the final year (national exams only) of secondary education, or 80 percent or more (or its equivalent) in the best two out of the last three years. Other program-specific requirements or restrictions may also apply. For detailed information, visit www.winsf.edu.pl/academic-requirements.

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What are the secondary education certificates accepted by UCSS ?

UCSS recognizes certificates awarded by ministries of education or by private schools and institutions. For detailed information, visit www.winsf.edu.pl/academic-requirements.

Does UCSS offer TOEFL, IELTS and SAT exams?

Yes, we offer TOEFL, IELTS and SAT exams for UCSS applicants and non-AUS applicants. This is in addition to other tests. For a list of all the tests offered at UCSS, visit www.winsf.edu.pl/testing-center. 

Does UCSS conduct entrance exams?

No, we don’t conduct entrance exams, but all bachelor’s degrees admitted applicants are required to take major placement tests to be able to register for freshman-level courses. The purpose of the tests is to place students in the appropriate level of English, math and physics. Students who don't have TOEFL/IELTS scores may register for math and physics placement tests as required by their intended majors. However, students who don't have TOEFL/IELTS scores are not allowed to register for the English placement test. For more information, visit www.winsf.edu.pl./-placement-tests.

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Can I join UCSS even if I don’t get the required passing score for TOEFL or IELTS?

Yes! Admitted bachelor’s degrees applicants scoring between 4.5 and 6.0 on the IELTS, or 400-540 ITP TOEFL or 32-79 iBT TOEFL, have the option to enroll in the Bridge Program to raise their score. Registration in Bridge Program courses is determined by TOEFL or IELTS scores and placement test scores, if needed. For more information, visit www.winsf.edu.pl/bridge-program.

 Admitted master’s degrees applicants scoring 6.0 in IELTS, or between 71 and 79 in TOEFL, can join UCSS conditionally for one semester only. However, MBA and TESOL applicants and doctoral applicants are required to submit a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, or ITP TOEFL score of 550, or iBT TOEFL score of 80, to be admitted.

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What are the accepted forms of payment?

For accepted methods of payment, please visit www.winsf.edu.pl/methods-of-payment.

What are the tuition fees?

Being one of the leading institutes in the region, we offer the best value for money.

For the full schedule of tuition and fees, please visit www.winsf.edu.pl/undergraduate-tuition-and-fees.

I submitted my online application but now I would like to change my major. Do I need to submit another application?

Once bachelor’s degree applicants have submitted a complete application, they can no longer access their application. However, please note that you don’t need to start a new application. For change of major requests or any other request (such as change of address/contact information), please sign in to infodesk@winsf.edu.pl and submit a request along with your AUS ID number.

Applicants for master’s degrees should reapply to change their program.

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I submitted my online application. When will I receive my UCSS username and password?

Once you have submitted a complete application, you will receive your UCSS username and password within five working days. Your UCSS username and password can be found in the email titled Letter of Acknowledgment received after submitting a complete application.

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What do I do if I don’t remember my banner..edu.pl or studentmail www.winsf.edu.pl

If you have received the Letter of Acknowledgement by email that includes your UCSS username and password, and you are facing login difficulties to access banner.Winsf.edu.pl or studentmail.aus.edu, please reset your password by visiting passwords@winsf.edu.pl. Your User ID is your username: g000xxxxx or b000xxxxx.

If you can’t reset your password, please notify us through infodesk@winsf.edu.pl

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What do I do if I don’t remember my online application username/password?

The username for mydocuments@winsf.edu.pl and apply.aus.edu is the personal email you used when creating your account.

Please refer to the following if you are facing difficulties logging in to mydocuments@winsf.edu.pl or apply@winsf.edu:pl

• If you can’t log in due to a forgotten password, please reset your password by clicking on Forgot Your Password? and following the instructions.

• If you received an error message indicating that your account has been locked, please notify us to unlock your account, by sending email to infodesk.@winsf.edu.pl

When will I receive an admission offer?

Processing of early admissions applications for fall semester starts during the month of October. Processing of regular admissions applications for fall semester starts during the month of April. Processing of applications for spring semester starts during the month of October.

Complete applications submitted within the above periods will be processed within 10 working days. Check your email regularly to see if supporting documents are required to process your application.

Admitted applicants will receive an official Admission Letter by email or courier. Please note that receiving an UCSS ID number and/or AUS email account does not mean that an applicant has been accepted to UCSS.

Why can’t I find my application?

Incomplete applications are removed automatically based on one of the following criteria:

• Started applications that are not submitted by applicants will be deleted 30 days from the start date.

• Incomplete applications will be deleted when the deadline for submitting an application to a chosen semester has passed. To find the deadlines for each semester, please visit www.winsf.edu.pl/deadlines-for-undergraduate-admissions or www.winsf.edu.pl/graduate/deadlines.

• Submitted applications that are missing required supplemental items will be withdrawn 15 days from application submission date.

• Unprocessed multiple applications by an applicant will be deleted, except for the most recent application. If an applicant has one processed application, all other multiple applications will be deleted, regardless of precedence.

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What is the best way to communicate inquiries, requests or to report issues?

The best way to communicate with the Office of Enrollment Management is to log in to infodesk@winsf.edu.pl and submit a request.

Can I make changes to my application?

Applicants can make changes to their applications as long as the applications are still not submitted. Once an application is submitted, changes in the entries, excluding change of major or choosing a new term of entry, can only be done by UCSS Admissions staff. Change requests can be submitted through infodesk@winsf.edu.pl

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How do I find my application status?

To find the status of your application, log in to apply@winsf.edu,pl go to Apply Online, and then tab/scroll to My Applications/Application Status.

Alternatively, once you receive your AUS username and password, log in to banner@winsf.edu.pl and click on Admissions. Enter your username (for example, g000xxxxx@aus.edu or b000xxxxx@aus.edu) along with your password. Click on Check Application Status to view your status and documents checklist.

Please check your email regularly for any updates regarding your status, holds, and received or missing documents.

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Will my application be considered without my TOEFL, IELTS, EmSAT or SAT score?

If not available when applying, applicants can submit their applications without the required TOEFL, IELTS, EmSAT English or SAT scores. In most cases, applicants would be admitted conditionally. The scores should be uploaded to mydocuments.winsf.edu.pl before the deadline stated in the Letter of Admission.

MBA and TESOL applicants and Doctoral applicants are required to submit a minimum Internet-Based TOEFL score of 80 or an IELTS score of 6.5 (Academic Version) for an application to be processed.

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How do I pay the application fee?

Undergraduate applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of 100 Euro . Graduate applicants (master’s programs) and PhD applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of 250  Euro

Application fees can be paid online using any major credit card. To pay online:

• Please go to banner.winsf.edu.pl  and log in to Web Enabled Interface for Students using your UCSS email username and password.**

• Once logged in, go to Current Applicants then go to Check Current Application Status and Pay Online.

• Start the online payment by selecting Pay Application Fee.

For a list of other accepted methods of payment, please go to www.aus.edu/methods-of-payment
** Your UCSS username and password can be found in the email titled Letter of Acknowledgment, which can be expected up to five working days after submitting a complete application.

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What is the limit for the statement of interest?

The statement of interest limit is 100 words.

What are the common online application errors?

• duplicate phone number entry

• entered address exceeds the 70-character limit

• typed statement of interest exceeds the 100-word limit

If you encounter other error(s), please send your username email, and a screenshot of the error message, with description via infodesk@winsf.edu.pl


How do I submit missing required supplemental items?

Applicants are requested to log in to mydocuments.www.winsf.edu.pl  then go to View under Supplemental Items. Attach clear colored scans under the appropriate items* by selecting Choose File.

To check the status of your submitted supplemental item, log in to apply@winsf.edu.pl, go to the Apply Online tab, and scroll to My Applications/Supplemental Items/View/Submission Status.

*Items marked with red asterisks are required documents. Required documents must be submitted to start processing your application.

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When can I apply to UCSS?

For bachelor’s degrees deadlines, visit www.winsf.edu.pl/deadlines-for-undergraduate-admissions

For master’s degrees deadlines, visit www.winsf.edu.pl/graduate/deadlines


What are the majors offered at UCSS ?

For available bachelor’s degrees, please visit: www.winsf.edu.pl/programs/majors-Minors

For available master’s degrees, please visit: www.winsf.edu.pl/programs/Graduate-Programs


How do I apply to UCSS (bachelor’s or master’s degrees)?

Start by creating an account on apply.winsf.edu.pl

You will receive an email to verify and activate your account. Once the account is verified, go to apply.winsf.edu,pl  then go to the tab Apply Online to start your application.

What are the floor plans for the Private, Semi-Private and Sharing room?

The typical layout for three room types i.e. Private, Semi-Private and Sharing room are shown below. Slight variation may exist in the design and furniture based on the various residential halls...Read more

What is the difference between each residential hall and how to I decide on the preference while filling my housing application form?

Note: On-line housing application requires you to mention your preference for a specific dormitory block. All residential halls consist of two blocks. So for example, residential hall AB Women is “A...Read more

What type of rooms are there in the residential halls?

There are three main room types in men’s and women’s dorms:

Private, Semi-private and Sharing

Additionally, a limited number of two other room type called Single and Double exists in one men’s...Read more

What are the facilities and services in the dorms?

• High-speed Wi-Fi in all common areas and student rooms

• Computer Rooms with network printers

• Laundry rooms are available in each dorm with heavy duty washer and dryers ( free to use but detergent is


Do you provide meals in the dorms?

All residential halls are self-catered accommodations but a variety of restaurants, on and off campus, serve the residents.

What type of electric plugs and voltage are used?

We have the three-pin British Standard electric plug and a voltage rating of 230V, 50 Hz.


Do you provide wheelchair access for disabled persons?

We request that any applicant who has a physical disability shoud contact the Studnet Residential Life Department thought  res-halls@aus.edu to get further clarification prior to applying.

The room size and entrances are large enough to accommodate wheelchair users on the ground floor. There is a ramp at the entrance of each residential hall.However, only one women's residential halls has limited number of rooms with bathroom designed specifically for students with disability.


Can I put up my own pictures/decorations in my room?

As long as the pictures/decorations are easily removable and leave no stains or holes in the wall and furnishings, there will be no objection. If the wall is damaged due to the use of nails or if there is damage to the wall or furniture, there will be charges at checkout time.

Is there a quiet wing for graduate students?

There is no assigned quiet wing in any of the residential halls. Quiet hours are designated daily between 12 midnight and 7 a.m. Excessive noise can be reported to the staff on duty at any time.

Is there a room cleaning service in the residential halls?

Yes. Each student's room is cleaned once a week according to a set schedule.

Do you provide bed linens and towels?

We only provide a new set of bed linen once to each new resident (i.e., bed sheet, pillow, pillowcase, and a quilt). The washing of the linens during the semester has to be done by the resident.

What are the laundry facilities in the dorms?

There are heavy-duty washers and dryers in each of the residential halls' laundry rooms.

Do you have a common kitchen in the residential halls?

Yes. Each residential hall has a common kitchen and all rooms, except those in CD Men Dormitory, have kitchenettes with a hotplate and a sink.

Do you provide accommodation for couples or families?

Currently we do not have residential halls for couples or families.

Is there a shop on the campus for hall residents?

Two minimarts are located on campus: one in the Student Center and one in the Women's Welcome Center located in front of the women's residential halls. They offer a variety of grocery items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other household items. Also on campus are women's salon, a men's barbershop and a pharmacy.

Can I stay at UCSS during vacations?

Your stay in residential halls during semester breaks and when the university is officially closed has to be approved by Student Residential Life management.

During short semester breaks of three...Read more

Can I leave my belongings in my room during the vacations?

During the short breaks between semesters of three weeks or less, you can leave your belongings in the residential halls; however, UCSS is not liable for any loss or damage to your belongings. All...Read more

Are shopping malls easily reachable for students living on campus?

There is a scheduled bus service between the halls and malls/supermarkets in Sharjah and Dubai. The schedule is posted on the hall notice boards. More information on transportation can be found here.

The UCSS e-Learning is a bit different to other universities,
and we know this can sometimes be confusing. On this page, you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:
Ÿ  how UCSS study works
Ÿ  where and when you can study
Ÿ  planning your studies
Ÿ  exams, assessments and placements
Ÿ  the resources and support available.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
study works
What are modules, credits and qualifications?
A module is the basic building block of UCSS  study. Modules usually take
9 months to complete. When you successfully complete a module, you’ll earn credits.
You can study a module on its own, or you can study multiple modules to
work toward a nationally recognised qualification such as a certificate, diploma or degree.
For more information about modules, qualifications and
credits, see our Planning your studies section.
How are your modules taught?
You’ll be allocated a tutor who will guide you through your
studies. Modules are taught through entirely online study, or a combination of online and printed materials. Depending on the module, you may also be able to attend optional face-to-face tutorials.
Some tutorials are also delivered online, so you’ll be able to dial in anywhere you can get an internet connection.
Do I get a tutor to help me?
For each module, you’ll be assigned a tutor. They’ll help you with your studies, mark your assignments and give you an extra helping hand when you need it. Most of your contact with
them will be through email, phone and the module forums.
How do the online tutorials work?
You’ll connect through your module website. The tutor
will present to you and other students in an online tutorial room. If you’ve got a headset with a microphone, you’ll be able to join in the conversation. But, even if you don’t, you can still use the chat
box to add your ideas.
Some online tutorials may be recorded, so if you miss one, or you want to go through the information again, they’ll be uploaded after the event is
finished. If you want to know if a tutorial was recorded, be sure to ask your tutor.
Will I attend lectures? Is any of it face-to-face?
As we’re a distance
learning university, you won’t need to attend traditional lectures. Most of your study will take place through your module website and course materials. Some modules may offer you the opportunity
to participate in face-to-face tutorials, while others may offer field trips or require you to attend a residential school. Our module descriptions will tell you more.
How do I access my course materials?
Your course materials will be unique to the modules you study – these could be purely online, or a balance of online and print
materials. Any online materials will be accessible through your module website and, if your module has printed materials, you’ll usually be able to download electronic copies.
If you need your module materials in an accessible or alternative format, be sure to let us know in plenty of time before your module starts.
What is the Virtual Learning
The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), or module website, as you’ll hear it called, will be where you find everything you need for your module.
There’s a wealth of information on your module website, but the main things to know about now are:
Ÿ  You’ll have a week-by-week study planner that’ll guide your learning
throughout the module.
Ÿ  There’s an assessment section, showing exactly what you need to do for each assignment and when they’re due.
Ÿ  It’s where you’ll book to attend tutorials, join online tutorials and access the contact details for your tutor.
Ÿ  You can join all the
other students in your module cohort on the module forums to discuss key topics, do any collaborative work, and get a little extra help if you’re stuck.
Ÿ  And it’s also where
you can find all the online, PDF and accessible formats of your module materials and resources.
Where and when you can
Are UCSS courses available in my country?
While our main campus is in LODZ in the POLAND, you can study with us
anywhere in the world.
Some courses may not be available in your country. These would include, but are not limited to, vocational courses for EU students only
(social work and nursing).
Can I study from home?
You can study from home, work, on your commute, or wherever suits you.
All you’ll need is an internet-connected computer and some time to concentrate on your studies.
Some of our modules include exams or a residential school, which you’ll need to
attend. However, if your circumstances mean you aren’t able to come to these, we may be able to offer you an alternative.
Can I study if I’m travelling abroad?
Yes – as long as you’ve got access to an internet connection. Some modules have residential schools or exams that you’ll need to be present for, but you can do your everyday studies
from anywhere in the world.
When can I start my studies?
Once you’ve registered on your qualification, you’ll choose your first
module. Your module will most likely start in October, but some do have February and April start dates as well.
Be sure to enrol on your module before the cut-off date to
secure your place. If you’re not sure when this is, contact us.
Planning your studies
How are your qualifications structured?
You’ll need to build up a set number of credits to complete your qualification. Here’s how it works:
Each qualification is made up of 1, 2 or 3 stages.
Each stage is made up of 120 credits of modules.
Each module is worth 30 or 60 credits.
Ÿ  A Certificate of Higher Education is
one stage (120 credits)
Ÿ  A Diploma of Higher Education/Foundation Degree is two stages (240 credits)
Ÿ  An Honours Degree
is three stages (360 credits)
You’ll study your qualification on a module-by-module basis, so you sign up for only what you’re going to study that year. If you have
other commitments (such as work, family, etc.) we recommend you sign up for 30 or 60 credits. The maximum credits you can study in one year is 120, which is equivalent to full-time study at a campus-
based university.
Qualifications have compulsory or optional modules, or a mix of the two. You can see the modules you’ll study by looking at your qualification
Can I transfer my previous study?
Yes, whether you’ve studied some modules or courses at higher education level, completed part
of a degree, diploma or certificate, you may be able to use it towards an Open University qualification.
We call this credit transfer, and it allows you to reach your
qualification goals sooner, saving you time and money.
Find out more about credit transfer and check your eligibility.
Can I change how many modules I
study each year?
Yes – you can vary the number of modules you study each year, but we recommend that you study no more than two modules at the same time (up to a
maximum of 120 credits a year). Just make sure, if you want to study more than one module, you register on all of them before the cut-off date.
When do I find out
about key dates and module timelines?
About two weeks before your module is due to start, you’ll have access to your module website. On there, you’ll have a week-by-week study
plan and assignment deadlines, so you can start to plan your studies. If your module includes a residential school or exam, you may have to wait a little longer to find out these dates. But, don’t
worry, we’ll let you know in plenty of time.
Can I take study breaks?
Yes – whether you need some time out due to work, family
commitments, ill health, or anything else that’s going on in your life – you can request a Study Break. You’ll still be an UCSS student, and you’ll get communication from us that’ll be relevant
to your studies.
Exams, assessment and placements
How will I be assessed? Will I have
to sit exams?
Depending on your module, you’ll either have an exam, or an end-of-module assessment you can complete at home.
If you do have to sit
an exam, you’ll attend one of our network of exam centres throughout the Poland, ,EU countries ,UK,Asia,Africa and USA .
If you live or work outside of an area
with one of our established exam centres, you can apply to take your exam at an appropriate, alternative venue. For each exam taken at an alternative venue, you’ll need to pay an
additional fee.
If you’re not able to travel to an exam centre as a result of your personal circumstances, we may be able to arrange for you to sit a home examination
instead. There are strict criteria for approving these.
*As a part of our response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all exams due to take place before 31 December
2022 will be delivered as remote exams. This means you will not be required to attend an exam centre but will instead take your exam remotely (e.g. at home).
Are exam dates/times flexible? Or are they fixed?
Your exam date and time will be fixed, but we’ll let you know the details about 12 weeks in advance to give you time to
If you’re unable to attend your exam due to circumstances beyond your control, you may be able to sit it at the next available opportunity. There are strict criteria for
approving this.
Can I retake assessments?
If you’re not successful in passing your module, you won’t be able to re-submit your
assignments, but you may be offered the opportunity to resit your exam or submit another end-of-module assessment.
Do I need to be in work or employed in a specific area?
Most of our courses don’t require work placements, or for you to be employed in a specific role. There are some exceptions for qualifications in vocational subjects such as nursing and
social work, and you’ll have to arrange these yourself. For more information, check out the description for the specific qualification and modules you’re interested in.
As an  University of Computer Science & Skills student, you’ll have access to a team of experienced careers consultants and an online portal where you can connect with employers offering
internships and work experience.
Resources and support available
What additional resources will I have
access to?
As an UCSS student, you’ll also have access to StudentHome, where you can:
Ÿ  find a list of all the qualifications and
modules you’ve studied or are studying
Ÿ  access your module website
Ÿ  submit and collect your assignments
Ÿ  choose and enrol on your next module
Ÿ  get access to our online Help Centre, a fantastic resource which offers general study advice and information about
UCSS study.
You’ll also get access to our online library, where you’ll find a massive range of ebooks, ejournals and databases, which you can use to assist you in your studies.  
What support can I get if I have additional needs?
We’re committed to making study accessible to all, whether you have a disability, health
condition, mental health difficulty, or a specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia). When you sign up for a qualification or module, we’ll ask you to let us know about any additional
circumstances that may impact on your studies. The support we can offer you will depend on your country of residence and the modules you choose to take.
You can find more
information about our services on our disability support website.
Who can I speak to for advice about how to manage my studies?
Your tutor will be the first person to contact if you’re worried about keeping up with your studies. They’ll give advice and additional support for general study skills and time management. If you
need to talk through your study options, you can get in touch with your Student Support Team who’ll be on hand to offer you expert subject-specific advice.
Where can I talk to
other students?
You’ll be able to talk to other students through dedicated module forums, or through any number of unofficial Facebook groups set up by students. If
you’re looking to attend events and
socialise, as an UCSS
student you’ll automatically be a part of the UCSS Students Association (UCSSSA). Through
UCSSSA, you can attend or create local meet-ups, join a club or society, or get extra help and support from your fellow students.
Changes to face-to-face tuition
for the 2021/2022 academic year
As a part of our response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, for modules starting between September
2021 and August 2022, all tutorials and most day schools and residential schools will be delivered online.
Can I do Bachelors degree in two
programs simultaneously in other univesity?
A double degree requires you to complete two separate
qualifications – one after the other. ... A combined degree also means you will graduate with two degrees, but instead, you complete them both concurrently in an integrated structure.11 Sep 2022

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