Europe for Citizens Remembrance project '15th anniversary of EU Enlargement

Dodano dnia: 14 stycznia 2020

It was very interesting, hectic and hot discussion! Poland , Lithuania, Latvia and Esthonia entered EU 1st May 2004 15 years ago. On this occasion, representatives of these countries worked for a year on project on European basic values, like freedom, human and citizens rights, tolerance, equality, honesty, respect for diversity of culture, religion, race and language. The conference took place at 16th Dec 2019 in The Library of Faculty of International Relations and Politology. The discussion was guided by Association Women.Lodz.Pl, Women`s Studies Center of UoL, European Association "World - our home".

The conference was attended by foreign students of Erasmus Mundus Gemma University of Lodz, and foreign students of the Computer Science and Skills University in Lodz (Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Umiejętności w Łodzi).

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